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Our Product Pressure Gas Regulator



The WMR regulator is designed for residential applications in low-
pressure service lines. It can be mounted directly on the meter inlet
pipe. Its compact angle design is ideal for installation in space-
saving meter boxes. Can be left out for international applications.

The WMR regulator is a spring-loaded self operated meter regulator optionally including an under-pressure protection which closes in case of low inlet pressure. It reverts automatically to the open position when conditions return to normal. The regulator is fitted with an inlet strainer. It is fully preset from the factory and ready to be fitted on a gas meter. All adjustment screws are sealed and protected against unauthorised use.

The pressure reduction takes place
between the seat and the valve disc
(5).The valve disc position is controlled bythe diaphragm
(2)which senses, throughthe tube
(4)theoutlet pressureon oneside and is loaded by the spring
(1)onthe other side. Spring load is adjustableby the nut
(9)The seal-cap
(10) preventsunauthorised intervention.The force on the valve disc
(5) arising from the pressure differential is balanced by equivalent force from the pressure differential on the balancing diaphragm (3)

The safety valve (8) closes when the outlet pressure drops below a pre-set value (typically 15 mbar), to provide gas loss protection . However the valve plug design allows a limited gas flow to creep to the outlet pipe through the plug hole
(7) In caseof restored inlet pressure and no gas demand, the outlet pressure builds and re-opens the safety plug without manual reset
. A 100 μm strainer on the inlet side protects the regulator against dirt.