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ITRON-DIAPRAGHMA-G1,6ACD-G1.6-EN-V3 0-2012 01 ACD-G1.6-EN-V3 0-2012 011

The ACD G1.6 is Itron’s latest generation residential diaphragm meter
designed to meet the needs of fast growing gas markets worldwide.
It combines accuracy and durability in a highly compact casing.
Through our proven know-how in gas measurement, combined with
the use of modern engineering and production techniques, Itron has
developed this compact, robust and highly accurate meter, ensuring
reduced shipping costs, easier handling and simplified installation.

The ACD G1.6 residential diaphragm gas meter is typically used
for cooking and hot water heating applications requiring
accuracy at low to medium gas flow rates. It is designed for use
with natural gas, LPG and all non-corrosive gases.

It is MID and EN1359 compliant, and meets many other
demanding national metrological standards. During preliminary
calibration controls, the meter is 100% tested according to
customer or national requirements.
With its ultra-compact robust design, the ACD G1.6 ensures a
consistent level of accuracy and stability over time. It is ideally
suited to meet
the needs of emergent gas markets or customers
with consumption up to 2.5 m3/h.

The movement of the diaphragm is due to the pressure
difference between the inlet and the outlet of the meter. The gas
enters one side of the diaphragm plate, while on the other side it
sluice through a separate port on the valve. When one side is full,
the rotating mono-valve moves on to the next position, allowing
gas to fill the empty side. A transmission gear and a mechanical
stuffing box transfer the reciprocating motion to the index.