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Today’s gas providers are tasked with delivering a reliable, quality
product at the best possible cost. To do so, they need to operate
more efficiently, and accurately measure and manage their
resources. Itron’s GALLUS meter is a compact, residential gas
meter designed for the measurement of natural gas, LPG and all
non-corrosive gases.

With over 30 million units installed and in service, the GALLUS is
one of the most trusted residential metering devices in the world.
Compliant with international O.I.M.L and EN1359 standards,
as well as more than 25 national metrological standards, the
GALLUS is designed for use in markets where reliable, accurate
metering are required. And because it is optionally factory-
equipped with our Cyble™ technology, the GALLUS helps your
meter reading processes become more efficient.

The GALLUS meets MID and EN1359 (certificate delivered by the
LNE), and more than 25 national metrological standards.
Its compact design makes the GALLUS the right choice where a
precise and reliable measurement for medium flow rates is required.

In addition to the EN1359/A1:2006 standard compliance, the
GALLUS meets many other demanding national metrological
standards. During preliminary test bench controls, the meter is
100% tested according to customer or national requirements.
The design and the careful materials selection of the GALLUS
enable it to meet the highest demand in international markets in
terms of accuracy and long-term stability.
During the preliminary test controls on the sonic nozzle test
benches, all meters are tested at Qmin, 0.2 Qmax and Qmax.

The GALLUS is a positive displacement diaphragm gas meter
with a stand-alone twin chamber measuring unit. The twin chambers are each fitted with a flexible and gas-tight
diaphragm, which is moved by the differential between the inlet
and outlet pressure.
Gas enters one side of the diaphragm plate, while on the other
side it sluice through a separate port on the valve. When one
side is full, the rotating mono-valve moves on to the next position,
allowing the gas to fill the empty side. A transmission gear and
a mechanical coupling or stuffing box transfer the reciprocating
motion to the mechanical, retrofittable index.
The measuring unit is housed in a robust, gas-tight casing.