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Our Product Pressure Gas Regulator

GA-RB3200-03-EN GA-RB3200-03-EN1

The RB 3200 regulator is designed for applications and for all
installations with continuous consumption or rapid fl ow rate variations
such as burners, industrial ovens, boilers, etc.
It is suitable for installation in cabinets, as a space saving regulator.

The RB 3200 model is a direct-acting,
spring-loaded regulator (lever type) with
a built-in relief valve and optional safety
shut-off device.
The balanced valve ensures constant
outlet pressure when the upstream
pressure varies.
This eliminates changes to the orifi ce
size arising from different inlet pressure
The regulator is equipped with a built-in
fi lter (fi ltration grade 0.5 mm).
The safety shut-off valve cuts the gas fl ow
when the outlet pressure exceeds the set
pressure (OPSO) or when it drops below
the set value (UPSO). It remains closed
until the valve is reset manually.
The relief valve avoids triggering the
safety shut-off valve in case of thermal
expansion, transient surges of pressure,
and creep leaks from the regulator. The
relief pressure is pre-set at the factory.