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Our Product Pressure Gas Regulator

GA-2RSeries GA-2RSeries-02 GA-2RSeries-03

The 2R regulator is designed for residential and light commercial applications.
Its two-stage design makes it specially suitable for medium pressure service
lines where it accomodates large inlet pressure variations while keeping very
constant outlet.
It offers two body connection styles providing flexibility for meter mounting or
integration in compact meter boxes.

The 2R regulator is a two-stage with internal relief and safety shut-off device.
It is fitted with an inlet strainer. The first stage unit reduces the inlet
pressure to a near-constant intermediate pressure, while the second stage unit in
row reduces the intermediate pressure to the adjustable set pressure.
The safety shut-off valve cuts the gas flow when the outlet pressure exceeds the set
pressure (OPSO); it remains closed until the valve is manually reset. The excess flow cut-off valve closes when the flow exceeds a set value, or the outlet pressure drops below a set value (under-pressure shut-off), or the inlet pressure drops; trigger points are factory set. A push-button allows re-starting the regulator after a flow cut-off. The internal relief valve (SRV) avoids triggering the safety shutoff valve in case of thermal expansion, transient surges of pressure or valve seat malfunction.